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PROFESSIONAL tool for effective
nutritional care

We made it easy to screen and support the nutritional status of the elderly in long-term care.

Always at your fingertips

Easy to use with a smarthphone or a tablet computer

Data for better understanding

Informative graphs and up-to-date reports to support management


Everybody on board with the same level of information


Malnutrition increases costs of care. Tackling it adds value to money!






Screen nutritional status of the clients

Stay aware of your clients nutritional status! Conduct malnutrition screening using MNA-SF or MUST, follow weight and BMI, assess functional ability and estimate food intake. 

Create a structured nutritional care plan

Keep diet information and nutritional care plan always up-to-date and follow the effect of nutritional care actions.

Analyze reports

Lead with knowledge. Know how your clients are doing and how effective your nutritional care actions are.

Enjoy working with active and independent clients

Nutrition is the basis of all care. With good nutritional care prescription medication works as intended, the clients’ functional ability is improved and mental well-being reinforced.



Malnutrition causes more additional costs to our healthcare system than obesity in Western countries. Caring for a malnourished person costs up to 10 000 € more per year than caring for a person in good nutritional condition. It causes unneccessary human suffering, pressure ulcers, prologend hospitals stays, falls and fractures. Malnutrition increases by age, but in most cases it is preventable with careful nutritional care. Unfortunately the possibilites of nutritional care in health and social care settings are mostly unrecognized and underused. 

MUONA supports UN's sustainable development goals. Goal 2 includes ending all forms of malnutrition and addressing the nutritional needs of the elderly by 2030.

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